2022 Volvo Cars of North America, LLC S90 T8 AWD Recharge ext. Range

Manufacturer NameVolvo
Manufacturer CodeVVX
Model Year2022
Manufacturer DivisionVolvo Cars of North America, LLC
Car LineS90 T8 AWD Recharge ext. Range
Car Class5
Car Class DetailsSIDI; PHEV;
Release Date3/4/2022
Police/Emergency Use?N

PHEV Specifications

Range On Electric Power City/Highway/Comb.37.48 / 38.22 / 38 miles
Multiple Day Individual Utility Factor (MDIUF) City/Highway/Comb.0.657 / 0.663 / 0.66
Gallons/100 Miles0.1 / 0.1 / 0.1
C02 Production (Rounded, Adjusted)115.9 / 103.6 / 110
PHEV Fuel Economy Comments(Blended PHEV; Tested in the Hybrid (default) mode---not the Power, Pure, AWD, Off-Road (XC) or Individual modes; Voluntarily decreased city, hwy & combined CD mpge values by voluntarily adding gasoline consumed during CD operation.)
Intake Valves Per Cyl.2
Exhause Valves Per Cyl.2
Variable Valve TimingTiming on both intake and exhaust sides.
Variable Valve LiftN/A
Air Aspiration MethodTurbocharged
Fuel Economy - Alternative Fuel City/Hwy/Comb.66 / 67 / 66
Fuel Economy - Alternative Fuel City/Hwy/Comb. Unadj.98.4 / 100.7 / 99.4219
Fuel Usage - Alternative FuelElectricity
Yearly Fuel Cost - Alternative Fuel$1150
EPA Est. Yearly Fuel Cost - Alternative Fuel$1150
Fuel Tank Size15.9 gallons

Motor Specifications

Number of Drive Motors2
Motor TypeIntegrated starter generator
Motor Power (kW)34 and 107
Cam-less Valvetrain?N
Stop/Start System CodeY
Stop/Start System DetailsYes

Fuel Cost

Annual Fuel Cost1150
EPA Calculated Fuel Cost (Conventional Fuel)1150
Dollars Saved Over 5 Years750

Range and Efficiency

EPA Combined Range465 miles
Primary Fuel Unitmiles per gallon
Effective Miles Per Gallon (MPGe) City/Hwy/Combined28 / 31 / 29
MPGe City/Hwy/Combined (Unadj.)36.4 / 44.5 / 39.6475
Secondary Fuel Unitkilowatt-hour per 100 miles
kWh/100 miles City/Hwy/Combined49 / 48 / 48
kWh/100 miles City/Hwy/Combined (Unadj.)34.3 / 33.5 / 33.94
kWh/100 miles City/Hwy/Combined (Unrd.)48.824 / 47.579 / 48.2638
PHEV Driving Range (Rounded)500 miles
PHEV Composite MPGe City/Hwy/Combined45 / 49 / 47

Fuel and Charging

Fuel TypeGasoline (Premium Unleaded Required)
240V Charge Time5 hours
Fuel Metering SystemSpark Ignition Direct Injection
Regenerative BrakingElectrical Regen Brake
Regenerative Braking Drive Controlled?N
Regenerative Braking Wheel SourceRear Wheels
Max. Ethanol Percent10
Fuel Cell Vehicle?N
Guzzler Exempt?Not exempt
Mfr. Calculated Guzzler MPG39.6


Number of Batteries1
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Total Voltage For Battery Packs369
Battery Capacity (Amp/Hours)51
Battery Specific Energy (Watt-Hours/KG)136.7
Charger TypeOn-Board

Transmission System

Number of Gears8
Lockup Torque ConverterY
Creeper GearN
Drive SystemA
Drive DescriptionAll Wheel Drive


Recommended Oil Viscosity5W-30/ACEA a5b5
4-doory Passenger Volume102
4-door Luggage Volume14

Smog And Pollution

Greehouse Gas (GHG) Score10
Smog Rating Test GroupNVVXJ02.0P3L
Mfr. Smog Rating7
Testing MethodPlug-in Hybrid Label

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