Qv21 ELD Compliance Module

Electronic Logging DeviceQv21 Technologies, Inc. Qv21 ELD Compliance Module
Model NumberQv21ELD
ELD ID NumberTN0262
Software VersionV2.26

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsQv21 Technologies will use 4.9.1 (1) Option 1 - Telematics transfer methods. Transfer the electronic data using both (i) Wireless Web services, and (ii) Email, as described below: 1. Onscreen Log Inspection a. To let an official inspect the driver logs from the handset, the driver would tap on the ‘graph’ icon from the tools bar or select from the dropdown. This will bring up the driver logs. The driver would hand the handset to the safety official for inspection. 2. Driver Log Review a. A safety official can review Current, Summary (history), and Changes by selecting the desired tab to see the graphs and also by scrolling on the associated records. 3. Qv21 uses the Web services option for transferring data to the FMCSA server. a. Once the official has reviewed the logs on the handset, they can have the driver simply tap on the ‘transmit logs’ button to transfer data via Web services using a routing code provided by the safety official.
Malfunction NotesMalfunction/Diagnostic Bluetooth Comms Power Power TN * 10/1000 Power TN & Power Asset Normal CAN Fail * SD Fail * GPS Fail * BT Connected BT Not Connected BT Fail * Normal Diagnostic * 400/400 duty cycle Malfunction * 750/750 duty cycle No SD card or card failure * * 800/400 duty cycle BT startup failure * * * 800/400 duty cycle Driving without login * * * * 250/250 duty cycle Firmware update started * Flashing firmware * Validating firmware * Firmware update complete * * * * 3 seconds then reboot Firmware update failed * * * * 3 seconds then reboot
Certifying StatementThe company certifies the Qv21 ELD Compliance Module is compliant based on various forms of successful testing including a CMV simulator, installation and testing in an actual CMV, and the successful completion of the extensive and detailed ELD Test Plan as provided by the FMCSA.

Company Information

ManufacturerQv21 Technologies, Inc.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number855-853-7821
Address1250 S Capital of Texas Hwy, Building 3, Suite 400, Austin, TX 78746, Austin

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