Electronic Logging DeviceSwitchboard Switchboard
Model NumberSB1
Software Version1.27 or above

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsOn the Switchboard ELD device, select the "Authority" button on the driver screen. In this "Authority View", regulators can view the hours-of-service logs for the driver. In addition to viewing the hours-of-service graph, ELD Events, Malfunction recordings, Switchboard's Electronic Logging Devices have the following methods to transfer hours-of-service data over to authorities and regulators: 1. Faxing Logs to a Fax Number By selecting "Share Logs" on the top right of the "Authority View", one can select the "Fax" option and enter a fax number to send the last 7 to 14 days of logs to. 2. Email Transfer By selecting "Share Logs" on the top right of the "Authority View", one can select the "Email" option and enter an email address to send the last 7 to 14 days of logs to. 3. Wireless Web Services When the FMCSA has set up its server to be able to send the Hours-of-Service logs, Switchboard has the appropriate processes to send driver log data to the servers ready to go. When sending the logs via fax or email, the data should be sent instantly. If the tablet is outside of data coverage, log data should be sent once the tablet obtains data coverage.
Malfunction NotesThe user can view the summary of malfunctions through the "Authority View" on the Switchboard Electronic Logging Device. On the Switchboard ELD device, select the "Authority" button on the driver screen. There you will be able to see your ELD Events (Duty Status Changes, Malfunctions, Login/Logout Events, Engine Events). To see more details regarding the malfunctions, select "View Malfunctions" to view the list of ELD Malfunction records. On the list of the malfunctions, you will see the Date/Time of the malfunction, the malfunction code as well as the malfunction description.
Certifying StatementSwitchboard was tested in two phases: Short Distance Focus Testing, and Full Cycle Testing. During Short Distance Focus Testing, Switchboard tested functionality of ELD Event Properties recording; a test account was logged into a Switchboard ELD connected to a vehicle ECM. The vehicle was driven to ensure that the automatic Driving duty status switching occurred, and that duty status recordings were saved with the proper properties (Event Record Origin, Type, Status, Sequence ID, etc.). Switchboard also tested the device as it was logged off to ensure that proper unidentified driver records were saving, and could be assigned accordingly. Full Cycle Testing involved installing Switchboard Electronic Logging Devices on vehicles that completed multiple line hauls. For weeks, drivers' logs were monitored as they completed multiple cycles and resets across both the United States and Canada. Through this testing Switchboard ELDs were verified to be operationally function across the various Cycle Rules in US and Canada, and also across time zones in different States and Provinces. ELD Events were checked to see if proper GPS locations were being recorded to the events. Both single drivers and team drivers had Switchboard ELDs installed, to test proper function of the device with or without a co-driver present. Switchboard Electronic Logging Devices were compared with paper logs that the drivers were completing and the devices were being tested. Through both Short Distance Focus and Full Cycle Testing, it was ensured that throughout the usage of the Switchboard Electronic Logging Devices across multiple weeks, there have been no malfunctions observed. As of the most recent software version (1.0), drivers can properly use Switchboard Electronic Logging Devices to record ELD Events as mandated by the FMCSA without issue. Switchboard certifies that the SB1 model is compliant with the test plan and procedures as stated in tests ELD-FUNC- to ELD-FUNC-4.10.2-1, minus the exceptions regarding web portal services: ELD-FUNC-, ELD-FUNC-4.9.1-2, ELD-FUNC-4.9.2-5, ELD-FUNC-, ELD-FUNC-, ELD-FUNC-, ELD-FUNC-, ELD-FUNC-, ELD-FUNC-4.10.2-1

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Contact Phone Number1-844-5-FLEETS
Address1632 E 4th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5N 1J8

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