Smart eLog for Android

Electronic Logging DeviceSmart eLog LLC Smart eLog for Android
Model NumberPT30
ELD ID NumberSL0101
Software Version1.01.01

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsThe Dot Inspect tab will open an interface for managing the data transferred to the FMCSA and the data that was not synchronized properly. The tab will give you access to the following options: - Certify Records; - Start Inspection; - Unidentified Records; - And the full truck and trip data collected (graph, odometer readings, carrier, truck, trailer, etc.) Once you pressed “Start Inspection”, you will be allowed to transfer the data to the safety official by clicking Transfer Data to Safety Official. You may use one of the following methods for such procedure: - Send the data directly to the FMCSA server. - Send the data to the email address provided by the FMCSA. - Send the data to the email provided by the DOT inspector.
Malfunction NotesWhenever the driver faces a data diagnostic or malfunctions event, the 'M/D' indicator on the application changes its color. If both parts of the icon are green, then everything is correct. If ‘D’ is red - the data diagnostic event is occurring. If ‘M’ is red - the malfunction is present. This icon may become red due to the loss of a GPS signal or loss of PT30 signal or other malfunctions. Here is the list of the types of malfunctioning may happen: GPS - you would need to re-check the connection or the GPS recording; Engine - odometer/engine hours/speed are not getting sent to the servers (in such case the error is on the PT30 side and the ELD should be sent to the mechanics for a check); Data recording - records in queue do not pass to the server (records should be deleted or pushed through again); Power Compliance Malfunctions - you can resolve it by contacting the mechanic or your motor carrier immediately; Timing Malfunctions - it can be resolved automatically or you may contact your motor carrier; Data Transfer Malfunctions - you would need to recheck the Internet connection.
Certifying StatementI hereby confirm that, according to the test, the Smart eLog application on Android in conjunction with the PT30 device works correctly. Testing was performed with the help of multiple simulators on multiple devices.

Company Information

ManufacturerSmart eLog LLC
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number+19164260816
Address12290 Point East Drive Suite 100, Rancho Cordova/CA/95742

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