Electronic Logging DeviceRigbot LLC Rigbot
Model NumberRBV001
Software Version11.0.22 and newer

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsRigbot data transfer happens through Option1 specified by FMCSA via internet by email and data transfer to FMCSA Web services. Following is the step-by-step instructions for the driver to produce and transfer the ELD records to an authorized safety official: - 'DOT Inspection Mode' can be accessed by by tapping the main menu on top left corner of the screen - Device can be physically removed from the cradle and handed to the official with the DOT Inspection Mode screen for the officer to review on screen - As instructed by the official, 'Transfer' button can be clicked to transfer the ELD records electronically to the official - 'Transfer' button will open a window with options to either a) email or to b) transfer to FMCSA Web services - Tapping one of the two options will trigger automatic transfer of the ELD records to the authorized safety official - Above step will generate an acknowledgement indicating that the information has been sent via email per the selected option
Malfunction Notes- A toaster message will indicate it, anytime the tablet is removed from the cradle - Four LED lights will indicate any ELD malfunctions including loss of GPS connectivity, loss of power to the ELD, loss of data transfer from the ELD device, and loss of internet connectivity on the physical device - In addition, driver receives an alert on the screen header - Following malfunctions with the ELD will be indicated with a ‘stop’ icon in the alert center and will require the driver to start using paper logs • P : Power Compliance malfunction • E : Engine Synchronization compliance malfunction • T : Timing Compliance malfunction • L : Positioning Compliance • R : Data recording Compliance malfunction • S : Data transfer Compliance malfunction • O : Other ELD detected malfunction - Following diagnostic codes will show in the Alert Center along with time stamp. Continued accumulation of such events will lead to the compliance malfunctions listed above • 1 : Power data diagnostic event • 2 : Engine synchronization data diagnostic event • 3 : Missing required data elements data diagnostic event • 4 : Data transfer data diagnostic event • 5 : Unidentified driving records data diagnostic event • 6 : ‘Other’ ELD identified diagnostic event
Certifying StatementBoth back-office and in-vehicle tests listed in the recommended test plan have been completed and resulting ELD output files have been validated using the Validation tool provided by FMCSA

Company Information

ManufacturerRigbot LLC
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number1844 474 4268
Address316, W Washington Avenue, Suite 675, Madison WI 53703

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Device ID
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