Electronic Logging DeviceEZ LYNK, SEZC EZ LYNK ELD Android
Model NumberAuto Agent
Software Version1.0 and above

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsEZ LYNK ELD supports telematics data transfer methods as defined in the Appendix to subpart B of part 395 (4.9.1 (b)(1)), title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Data transfer steps: 1. Tap the navigation menu icon to access navigation menu and tap to select DOT Inspection. 2. Tap Send Logs button. 3. Select transfer method (web or email). 4. Enter routing code or comment provided by a safety officer. 5. Tap Send button.
Malfunction NotesAll malfunction events can only be cleared automatically and will be cleared once the corresponding problem addressed by a motor carrier. EZ LYNK ELD supported malfunctions: 1. Power compliance malfunction - More than 30 minutes of driving time lost in the last 24-hour period, cumulatively for all drivers, including the unidentified driver. 2. Engine synchronization compliance malfunction - While the CMV engine is on, the engine’s power status, vehicle’s motion status, miles driven value and engine hours value for the last 24-hour period (cumulatively for all drivers, including the unidentified driver) can’t be determined within 30 minutes or more. 3. Timing compliance malfunction - Absolute deviation from the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) exceeds 10 minutes at any point in time. 4. Positioning compliance malfunction - The ELD determines a location at least every 5 miles while the vehicle is in motion. If the cumulative period when the ELD fails to acquire a valid position measurement within 5 miles of CMV’s movement exceeds 60 minutes for the last 24-hour period, then this event will be recorded. 5. Data record compliance malfunction - The ELD is unable to record logs or retrieve logs from the server due to insufficient memory or other technical problems of the mobile device. 6. Data transfer compliance malfunction - Once a Data transfer data diagnostic event occurs, the ELD will enter the unconfirmed data transfer mode and start checking data transfer compliance every 24 hours. If the problem doesn’t go away after three consecutive checks, then this event will be recorded.
Certifying StatementEZ LYNK ELD was tested using FMCSA provided ELD Compliance Test Procedure outlined in "Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Test Plan and Procedures" to meet the functional requirements included in the technical specifications in the Appendix to subpart B of part 395, title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Company Information

ManufacturerEZ LYNK, SEZC
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number(877) 207-5530
Address125 Owen Roberts Drive, Georgetown, Grand Cayman Cayman Islands

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