EPG Connect

Electronic Logging DeviceEPG Solutions EPG Connect
Model NumberEPG ELD 1
Software Version1.2.2

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsEPG Connect uses the telematics data transfer option. Driver will select the "Email Logs" link or the "Transfer Logs" link on the records page to share the records via email or web services. User manual includes instructions and screenshots of the application.
Malfunction NotesEPG Connect will recognize the main malfunctions: Power, Engine Synchronization, Timing, Positioning, Data Recording and Other. The malfunctions are programmed using FMCSA technical documentation as a guide. Power Malfunction: No power information from ECM while Vehicle is in motion for an aggregated 30 minutes or more, over a 24-hour period. Engine Synchronization: No engine information or no link to the vehicle ECM, for more than an aggregated 30 minutes during a 24-hour period. Timing: Unable to verify its timing accuracy Positioning: No valid position measurement within 5 miles of the CMV’s movement, while the malfunction persists for 60 minutes over a 24-hour period. Data Recording: No recording or retaining of required events or no ability to retrieve recorded logs that are not otherwise stored remotely. Other: All other malfunctions not covered in the previous categories. Data Test Malfunctions: EPG Connect has been tested to verify the data transfer functionality and the data output file, using the FMCSA data file checker. The web service transfer was tested in house, utilizing the FMSCA web service coding schema. Additionally the data transfer through email was tested in house utilizing FMCSA email format as guide, to check for functionality and correct format. Data transfer check will occur once every 7 days automatically, without driver input. In the event that data transfer is not able to complete the self-test, EPG Connect will start checking every 24 hours. After 3 failed data transfer checks, EPG Connect will save the event as data transfer malfunction.
Certifying StatementI am certifying that EPG Solutions, EPG Connect, has been tested to the best of my knowledge, to meet the functional requirements included in the ELD specifications, under the conditions in which the ELD would be used. I am self certifying that EPG Connect ELD constitutes an electronic signature conveying acceptance of the rules of behavior in FMCSA mandate.

Company Information

ManufacturerEPG Solutions
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number7275073130
Address13141 66th St. N, Largo, FL 33782

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