Guardian ELD

Electronic Logging DeviceDiesel Tech Industries Guardian ELD
Model Number20TELD-08
Software VersionV28

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsThe 20TELD-08 provides a single-step mechanism for the driver to initialize and perform data transfers to an authorized safety official during a roadside inspection. When the vehicle is no longer in motion, according to FMCSA compliance requirements, a data transfer button becomes available on the second page from the home page. Once this button is selected a list of data transfer options is populated and displayed, the options include Web-service, E-mail, USB, and Bluetooth. Once the user makes a selection, the 20TELD-08 will prompt the user to enter their password to authenticate the action. Once the authentication has been verified another prompt is given to add a comment or special code, by either the authorized safety official or user, to the output file. - Web Service Option This option enables the driver to transfer files directly to FMCSA's web service. This option requires the device to have internet access. - E-mail Option This option enables the driver to transfer files through email. This option requires the device to have internet access. The encryption used for this method is AES-256. - Bluetooth Option This option enables the driver to transfer files to the FMCSA's web service via connecting wirelessly to the authorized safety official’s connection. Once this option is selected, there will be a "Connect" button displayed, clicking this button displays a list of device names available. The user must connect to a device (the authorized safety official’s device) that will provide internet access. Once the 20TELD-08 obtains internet access, the "Send" button becomes available, clicking this will begin the transfer process. - USB Option This option enables the driver to transfer file via USB 2.0 to a connected storage device supplied by the authorized safety official. When the 20TELD-08 detects the USB device has been connected, the "Send" button is enabled, once pressing the send button authentication is required by the driver again.
Malfunction NotesThe 20TELD-08 is compliant with all FMCSA compliance requirements in monitoring system malfunctions. All events related to malfunctions are recorded, including the occurrence of the event, the type of event, the conditions surrounding the event, when the event is cleared, and who cleared the event. Malfunctions are indicated to the user in two ways, in the taskbar of the application a caution bell is displayed when any malfunction is still unresolved but acknowledged, also, when the malfunctions originally occur (not acknowledged) the “Warning” button on the home screen will be emboldened with a fluctuating red back light, should the malfunction be considered critical this warning light remains even after the warning has been acknowledged. Here is a non comprehensive list of malfunctions being monitored for and reported: - Loss of power malfunction. - Engine Synchronization Malfunction, loss of CAN bus signal. - Time synchronization malfunction (specifically monitoring for genuine malfunction and tampering). - GPS position malfunction. - Data recording malfunction. - Data transfer malfunction. - Ignition sense malfunction. - Login malfunction (unauthorized attempts to access data). With each event, the user taps the “Warning” button, which prompts a dialog box describing the event, then bringing the user to a scrollable list of all unresolved malfunctions. The action of going into this view is considered an “Acknowledge” which clears the flashing light warning (if not critical), however the malfunction remains in the list tell it has been corrected. The 20TELD-08 continually monitors for the malfunctions to be cleared, and when it is that item is cleared from the list after creating a report about the malfunction.
Certifying StatementThe 20TELD-08 successfully completed all test procedures detailed by the FMCSA requirements. Also, the 20TELD-08 was installed and tested in over 15 different vehicle makes and models, directly interfacing via CAN bus in both J1939 and OBD2 protocols while performing these tests. In addition, a CAN bus simulator was also used. The software was developed and tested on the PN7042 android based tablet that our system is restricted to. Other testing was completed using the backend portal developed for use in any internet browser for managerial duties and monitoring. The 20TELD-08 complies with FMCSA requirements and the ELD rule.

Company Information

ManufacturerDiesel Tech Industries
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number7804559876
Address14215 120 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada, T5L 2R8, Edmonton/Alberta/T5L 2R8

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