Mobile Dispatch

Electronic Logging DeviceAcordex, LLC Mobile Dispatch
Model NumberVNA2-ELD
Software VersionMD App 59 or higher

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsData transfer is by e-mail wireless transfer through e-mail or web services as described in section of the FMCSA Electronic Logging Devices and Hours of Service Supporting Documents. Driver Procedure 1. On the tablet, tap on "ELD" at the bottom of the screen. 2. Tap on "Send". 3. There is a comment field to put in a key phrase or code given by the DOT official. 4a. To send by e-mail, type the appropriate e-mail address in the Email field then tap "Send by Email". This will e-mail the ELD date for the current day and the previous 7 days. 4b. To send by web services just tap "Send by Web". This will transmit the ELD data for the current day and the previous 7 days.
Malfunction NotesDIAGNOSTICS 1: Power data diagnostic event No response from the Engine Connection Device (ECD, hardware on the J-bus), after multiple retries to connect. 2: Engine synchronization data diagnostic event If data is not provided when required, a Diagnostic 2 will be issued in less than 5 seconds. Multiple data points are required at least twice per minute while the truck is moving. 3: Missing required data elements data diagnostic event Location unavailable when duty status changes. 4: Data transfer data diagnostic event Failure at the tablet will generate Malfunction R. Email or web-service failures are logged/displayed at the office. 5: Unidentified driving records data diagnostic event Total driving time in 24 hours exceeds 30 minutes with no driver logged in. MALFUNCTIONS P: Power compliance Diagnostic 1 occurs for more than 30 minutes in a 24 hour period E: Engine synchronization compliance Diagnostic 2 occurs for more than 30 minutes in a 24 hour period T: Timing Compliance Difference between time at server and time on tablet is 3 or more minutes. L: Positioning Compliance No geoposition from ECD after startup Last geoposition received 5 or more minutes ago Last geoposition invalid R: Data recording compliance Out of room on tablet for saving records that should be uploaded to the server (prolonged, persistent cell network failure). S: Data transfer compliance Failed to send the ELD data output file
Certifying StatementTesting of the ELD has been performed following the protocol described in the ELD Test Plan and Procedures Version 1.0 dated 4/25/2016.

Company Information

ManufacturerAcordex, LLC
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number978-975-8000
Address37 Walker Rd, N Andover, MA 01845

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Acordex, LLC Mobile Dispatch ACVNA2

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