Electronic Logging DeviceYusata Infotech Pvt Ltd YLOGAPP
Model NumberIPAD
ELD ID NumberYLA1.9
Software Version3.9

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsFor the Data Transfer to authorized Safety Officer, we have used the option of submission to ELD WS. The ELD data will be transmitted thru an secure channel to the FMCSA ELD WS which is accessible by safety officer's under their login: The data transfer steps are as under: 1. Driver will login using his credentials 2. Driver to go to Logs --> DOT e-Logs 3. Top-right, there are menus. There is menu for 7 days driver log. Drivers clicks on it. 4. A pop-up opens up showing last 7 days driver logs (including today). 5. A button is there at top named as "ELDWS". Driver hits this button. 6. A pop-up opens showing details and asking for comment. 6. Data will transfer from the server directly to officer 7. Driver puts comment and submits it to ELDWS.
Malfunction NotesAs per the FMCSA Faq document, the various Malfunctions defined are handled as under: The Ipad application YLogApp is compliant for ELD. The application has been developed to manage and overcome Malfunctions at any point of time. ELD is dependent on technology and might face technical malfunctions and data inconsistencies ranging from GPS position data, synchronization of data, power related, data transfer, missing data, time zone issues and any other records related issues that are yet to be understood. The application is prepared to record such malfunctions that allows driver to inform the Motor carrier within the stipulated time of 24 hours. 1. “power data diagnostic events” and “power compliance malfunctions” occur Process: iPads are hard mounted units with power connections to vehicle. As soon as vehicle ignition is on, iPad gets power and driver need to login. We doesn’t send any driver to off Duty at any point if vehicle ignition is ON and device is charging. 2. When do electronic logging device (ELD) “engine synchronization data diagnostic events” and “engine synchronization compliance malfunctions” occur? Process: This is not applicable in case of iPad since it is not connected to ECM. 3. When does an electronic logging device (ELD) “timing compliance malfunction” occur? Process: Driver can select time zone on iPads and device reports in that time zone. Backend DB, records all data in UTC but displays in driver’s selected time zone. 4. When does an electronic logging device (ELD) “positioning compliance malfunction” occur? Process: We record it as “GPS Off” event, which can be seen on vehicle breadcrumb. 5. When does an electronic logging device (ELD) “data recording compliance malfunction” occur? Process: We play a siren when such error occurs so driver can stop the vehicle and info his motor carrier about malfunction. 6. When does an electronic logging device (ELD) “missing required data elements data diagnostic event” occur? Process: We play a siren when such error occurs so driver can stop the vehicle and info his motor carrier about malfunction. 7. When do electronic logging device (ELD) “data transfer data diagnostic events” and “data transfer compliance malfunctions” occur? Process: If data is not received for a certain duration (configurable) by driver’s motor carrier then an email is originated to inform about it. Motor carrier then can be in touch with driver to identify the cause and/or fix it. 8.When does an electronic logging device (ELD) “unidentified driving records data diagnostic event” occur? Process: A driver must authenticate in the application so data comes for logged in driver only. Identity via login of the driver is confirmed before he starts driving. 9. Visual indicators must be displayed by an ELD? Process: A Green icon is displayed on the DOT log screen on iPad when driver is logged in. A Red icon is illuminated along with siren when a malfunction occurs. The motor carrier will inform for further malfunctions faced and will be resolved to meet the ELD requirements.
Certifying StatementYLOGAPP, Ipad version for ELD has been tested on the grounds of requirements and exceptional conditions, driving rules laid down by the department. The app has been tested in real case scenarios with our clients; it has been tested as per the rules and regulations of FMCSA. The driver was given an ELD device with YLogApp and the tests were conducted to verify the functions of ELD parameters, its efficiency, the malfunctions or practical issues faced by driver and motor carrier during the process. The 16/34 hour rules, exception rules and driving status of the driver have been tested and all the values received were found satisfactory. The app has performed as per the desired results.

Company Information

ManufacturerYusata Infotech Pvt Ltd
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number+1-856-206-9636
Address84/122 Pratap Nagar, , Jaipur, Raj - 302033

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