DataTrack247 ELD

Electronic Logging DeviceTamir Alima DataTrack247 ELD
Model NumberDT247-BT-ELD
ELD ID NumberWLI001
Software Version3.0.6

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsThere is a one page document describing how the officer can enter “officer mode” by clicking on the icon on the top right “officer icon” present on all screens. Once in “officer mode” the Daily Header and Full Day ELD Record defined by the FMCSA are displayed. On the bottom of the page there is a button marked “send report.” Clicking this button brings up the window to email the report to any email address entered. It also features an option to submit the data to the FMCSA web services endpoint. This will utilize the SOAP protocol, per the FMCSA documentation, to transmit the ELD data file and the output file comment entered by the inspecting officer.
Malfunction NotesEach malfunction has been coded following the "Standard Coding for Required Compliance Malfunction and Data Diagnostic Event Detection" definitions regarding "Malfunction/Diagnostic Code", "Malfunction Description" and "Data Diagnostic Event." Power Compliance monitoring assures that the ELD will become fully functional within one minute of the engine on event and remain on as long as the vehicle's engine stays powered. Engine Synchronization monitoring determines our connection to the ECM. This alerts the driver if there is a loss of connectivity to the ECM. For Timing Compliance Monitoring, we periodically check UTC time via the internet. For Positioning Compliance the ELD records the location, and uses the last valid position measurement and includes the latitude and longitude coordinates and distance traveled in miles, since the last valid position measurement. We also measure the elapsed time during periods when the ELD does not require a valid position measurement within 5 miles. If the time exceeds 60 minutes in a 24 hour period, it is marked as a positioning compliance malfunction. An ELD monitors its storage capacity and integrity and detects data recording compliance malfunction if it can no longer record or retain required events or retrieve recorded logs that are not otherwise catalogued remotely by the motor carrier. The ELD monitors the completeness of the ELD event record information in relation to the required data elements for each event type and records a missing data elements data diagnostics event for the driver if any required field is missing at the time of recording. We check to make sure that our data transfer mechanism works properly at least once every 7 days. All Data Diagnostic events are handled similarly according to the mandate.
Certifying StatementI certify that the product meet the FMCSA specifications

Company Information

ManufacturerTamir Alima
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number7183952239
Address138-48 Jewel Ave, Flushing/NY/11367

Devices From Tamir Alima

Device ID
Tamir Alima DataTrack247 ELD WLI001

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