Vista ELD ( Android)

Electronic Logging DeviceVista ELD Vista ELD ( Android)
Model NumberPT30
Software Version1.01.01

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsOur application allows drivers to transfer their data to the FMCSA via email and web services upon their choice. They may also show the logs to the inspector using the application. 1. Driver launches the DOT inspect page (can show the screen to the inspector) 2. Driver clicks Start the Inspection and Transfer Data to Safety Official 3. Driver can choose between 3 options: Web services, FMCSA email, personal email 4.1 For both Web services and FMCSA email driver can only add a comment and click Send 4.2 For personal email, the driver should enter the email account, select the file type (CSV or PDF); if pdf - then the driver selects the country (whether the violations will be displayed according to the rules of the USA or Canada)
Malfunction NotesAs per the FMCSA requirements, each ELD Provider must detect and collect any malfunctions occurring during the use of their eLog or device. Each driver may see an M/D icon on the main screen of our application. As soon as we recognize any, ‘M’ on the M/D icon changes color to red. Whenever a data diagnostic event has been recognized, ‘D’ changes its color to red. Once the driver clicks on the icon, they will be able to see the exact malfunction they are experiencing. We detect all of the required malfunction types, including power, engine synchronization, timing, positioning, data recording, data transfer, and unidentified driving.
Certifying StatementOur QA team has thoroughly tested the application including every feature and calculator comparing them to the FMCSA requirements. Therefore, we may state that our Android application is compatible with the FMCSA standards and may be used by drivers.

Company Information

ManufacturerVista ELD
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number+16143622223
Address1884 Wyandotte Road, Columbus/OH/43212

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