Titan FieldDocs ELD 2.0

Electronic Logging DeviceCertified Tracking Solutions Titan FieldDocs ELD 2.0
Model NumberTitan TT1800 Android
ELD ID NumberTT8A01
Software Version1.0.66 and up

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsTitan FieldDocs ELD 2.0 provides a standardized single-step driver interface for the compilation of the driver’s ELD records of duty status (RODS) for the initiation of the data transfer to authorized safety officials when requested during a roadside inspection. Selecting the Roadside Inspection button from the application screen displays the option to perform a roadside review or to complete a file transfer. The authorized safety official can review the records of duty status by selecting roadside review or select either Email or Web Service to perform a data transfer. The application will return to the roadside inspection menu once a successful data transfer has been completed.
Malfunction NotesTitan FieldDocs ELD 2.0 monitors its compliance for various detectable malfunctions and data inconsistencies as outlined in FMCSA’s ELD Requirements. When a malfunction or a data diagnostic occurs, the event is clearly displayed on the application and is recorded onto the driver’s record of duty status. If a malfunction event is detected an ‘M’ will display on the top right of the application; The driver can review recorded malfunction or data diagnostic events by tapping on the bell icon and selecting either malfunction or data diagnostics. The following malfunction and data diagnostic events are recorded in compliance with the FMCSA’s ELD Requirements. - Power Compliance Malfunction - Engine Synchronization Compliance Malfunction - Timing Compliance Malfunction - Position Compliance Malfunction - Data Recording Compliance Malfunction - Data Transfer Compliance Malfunction - Power data diagnostic - Engine synchronization data diagnostic - Missing required data elements data diagnostic - Data transfer data diagnostic - Unidentified driving records data diagnostic Once the driver has reviewed the malfunction or data diagnostic, the driver can tap the clear button to remove the notification from the application. Once the malfunction or data diagnostic event is cleared the flashing ‘M’ or ‘D’ will be cleared from the right side of the application. All diagnostic and malfunction events are recorded onto the drivers record of duty status automatically as specified in the FMCSA technical standard.
Certifying StatementTitan FieldDocs ELD 2.0 was certified through successful execution and verification of the FMCSA ELD Test Plan and Procedures. The Titan FieldDocs ELD 2.0 application was installed on various mobile devices and tablets, and testing was performed using the TT6000 and TT1800 that were connected to simulated or real-time engines. Utilizing both iOS and Android devices, a Bluetooth connection was established to either the TT6000 or TT1800 to access engine data from a simulated or real engine. Both the TT6000 and TT1800 were connected to an engine via a diagnostic cable to access real time information in an OBDII, J1708 or J1939 protocol to a simulated or real engine. The test procedures relevant to motor carriers or support personnel were completed using the Titan GPS dashboard which can be accessed through a web browser.

Company Information

ManufacturerCertified Tracking Solutions
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number7803913800
Address4320 Savaryn Dr SW, Edmonton/Alberta/T6X 1Z9

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