Electronic Logging DeviceTSO MOBILE by Tracking Solutions Corp TSO INCABIN PLUS
Model NumberTSO100
ELD ID NumberTSO100
Software Version2.0 or higher

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsData Transfer According to 4.9. (b) from Appendix A of the ELD final rule, it indicates : (b) “When a driver uses the single-step driver interface, as described in section of this appendix, to indicate that the ELD compile and transfer the driver’s ELD records to authorized safety officials, the ELD must transfer the generated ELD data output to the computing environment used by authorized safety officials via the standards referenced in this section. To meet roadside electronic data transfer requirements, an ELD must do at least one of the following: (1) Option 1—Telematics transfer methods. Transfer the electronic data using both: (i) Wireless Web services, and (ii) Email, or (2) Option 2—Local transfer methods. Transfer the electronic data using both: (i) USB2 (incorporated by reference, see § 395.38), and (ii) Bluetooth (incorporated by reference, see § 395.38).” Our ELD can transfer data via “ Local transfer methods” and can transfer the electronic data using both: • USB2- Our ELD allows the driver to download data from the ELD to the USB drive, and return it to the safety official. The safety official will then transfer data from the USB drive to a computer. • Bluetooth – Our ELD allows the safety official to activate Bluetooth or his/her computer and provide the driver a Bluetooth code to enter into the ELD. The driver will then transfer data from the ELD to the safety official’s computer. The ELD manual has instructions with details on how to transfer data.
Malfunction NotesSummary of Malfunctions Our ELD is in compliance with the regulations for the malfunctions and diagnostic event requirements. The following malfunctions status will appear in the display: • Power compliance • Engine synchronization compliance • Timing compliance • Positioning compliance • Data recording compliance • Data transfer compliance These malfunctions will appear when the ELD detects any type of the malfunctions mentioned above. The following diagnostic events will appear in the display: • Power data diagnostic • Engine synchronization data diagnostic • Missing required data elements data diagnostic • Data transfer data diagnostic • Unidentified driving records data diagnostic The diagnostic events will also appear in the ELD records.
Certifying StatementOur ELD utilizes the Android operative system. Which was tested as it was on the Electronic Loggin Device (ELD) document. Test Plan and produce of DOTFMCSA 2 cycles of test where done following all the instructions of the document. Various resources were utulized : 1. Different android tablets and 2. Differrent CMV 3. Emulators etc. for the specific points that the ELD was needed to record the missing required data elements diagnostic events This was done : Our ELD does not allow to save spaces without information, it is needed that the driver inputs the information in order to be saved.

Company Information

ManufacturerTSO MOBILE by Tracking Solutions Corp
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number18774772922
Address7791 NW 46th st Suite 306, Miami,Florida 33166

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