Electronic Logging DeviceCromton Systems, Corp ELD24K
Model NumberIOSIX ELD
ELD ID NumberTMX121
Software VersionV 1.0

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsWe are using USB standard and the WinDriver USB toolkit, which supports this standard: • External connection, maximizing ease of use • Self-identifying peripherals supporting automatic mapping of function to driver and configuration • Dynamically attachable and re-configurable peripherals • Suitable for device bandwidths ranging from a few Kb/s to hundreds of Mb/s • Supports isochronous as well as asynchronous transfer types over the same set of wires • Supports simultaneous operation of many devices (multiple connections) • Supports a data transfer rate of up to 480 Mb/s (high-speed) for USB 2.0 (for the operating systems that officially support this standard) and up to 12 Mb/s (full-speed) for USB 1.1 • Guaranteed bandwidth and low latencies; appropriate for telephony, audio, etc. (isochronous transfer may use almost the entire bus bandwidth) • Flexibility: supports a wide range of packet sizes and a wide range of data transfer rates • Robustness: built-in error handling mechanism and dynamic insertion and removal of devices with no delay observed by the user • Synergy with PC industry; Uses commodity technologies • Optimized for integration in peripheral and host hardware • Low-cost implementation, therefore suitable for development of low-cost peripherals • Low-cost cables and connectors • Built-in power management and distribution • Specific library support for custom USB HID devices And provided for the Driver as a singled command button for to do this
Malfunction NotesPower Compliance Malfunction Engine Status Compliance Malfunction Positioning Compliance Malfunction Timing Compliance
Certifying StatementThe above mentioned unit has been tested in a simulated environment for 6 months. It has gone through an extensive field testing with actual field devices and truck for 3 months. All the documentation corresponds to the actual operating unit, as exits in the field.

Company Information

ManufacturerCromton Systems, Corp
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number609-910-4210
Address50 Andover Dr , Kendal Park, NJ,08824

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Device ID
Cromton Systems, Corp ELD24K TMX121

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