Electronic Logging DeviceI-Soft Global Software Solutions E-Logbook
Model NumberUE910-N3G
ELD ID NumberTGL500
Software VersionVersion6.2

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsMethod: Telematics. Both Web-services and Email is Available. 1. The Vehicle data is Transmitted via telematics. NOT Blue tooth. This Means even if the Mobile Device (Phone, Tablet etc.) is off, the driver's driving time is still monitored and Saved. And it's kept on the server. 2. The "DRIVING" MODE ON THE APP IS DETERMINED BY THE DATA PROVIDED BY THE VEHICLE AND ALWAYS WILL BE. NO MANUEL SELECTION IS ALLOWED WHILE IN MOTION / DRIVING MODE. THIS ENABLES TO KEEP THE DRIVING TIME TO ‘ACTUAL’ 3. ONCE THE VEHICLE IS STOPPED IF THE ENGINE IS TURNED OFF - IT WILL GO TO THE PREVIOUS MODE (OFF DUTY, ON DUTY, SLEEPER BIRTH) IF THE ENGINE IS IDLING – STILL ON DRIVE MODE FOR 210 SECONDS. THEN IT WILL GET OFF THE DRIVE MODE AND GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS STATUS KNOWN. (OFF DUTY, ON DUTY, SLEEPER BIRTH) 4. The Driver logbook Graph is originated at the server level. So if the driver or any authority needs to see the logbook, once pressed the ‘Graph’ Button, the data and the graph is retrieved from the server and displayed. 5. Upon Request when pressed the "Report' button on the mobile device, the graph is being sent for view. 6. ALL DATA IS SAVED ONLY IN THE SERVER.
Malfunction Notes1. Power compliance malfunction: Unless Plugged out of ECM port, there will be NO response from the device 2. Engine synchronization compliance malfunction: This failure occurs when ECM connectivity to any required data source such as engine power status, miles driven, engine hour, etc., is lost for more than 30 minutes during a 24-hour period aggregated across all drivers. 3. Positioning compliance malfunction: This occurs when the ELD is unable to obtain a valid position measurement within five miles of the truck moving and during a 60 minute period. 4. Data recording compliance malfunction: This happens when the ELD can’t record or retain events or can’t retrieve recorded logs that aren’t kept remotely. 5. Data transfer compliance malfunction: This failure occurs if the operation of the data transfer mechanism is in the unconfirmed data transfer mode during three consecutive monitoring checks
Certifying StatementUnder penalties of perjury, I, Shan, hereby certify on behalf of Shan Somasundaram that ELD model TGL500 and version Version6.2 has been sufficiently tested to meet the functional requirements included in the technical specifications in the Appendix to sub part B of part 395, title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, under the conditions in which the ELD would be used.

Company Information

ManufacturerI-Soft Global Software Solutions
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number1-855-922-9700
Address2020 W. Whitendale Ave, Visalia, CA 93277

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