Electronic Logging DeviceUnited Bus Technology SHIELD
Model NumberSHI767
ELD ID NumberSHI767
Software VersionV 1.0 or higher

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsWith one simple click, the SHIELD system will automatically generate a one-page display of the driver daily HOS log during a roadside inspection. And on each CMV, there will be a one-page double-sided inspection card to teach both driver and inspector how to review and transfer the driver’s HOS data. Procedures for a driver to display and transfer the ELD records to an authorized safety official are as follows: 1. Driver logs in to the assigned ELD account by using his/her unique user ID and password. 2. Click DOT tab on the menu bar to start roadside inspection mode. 3. SHIELD generates a one-page driver daily log, including daily header, 24 hours HOS graph grid, and daily events logs. 4. Click the forward and backward arrow to view current day and the last 7 days’ driver HOS log. 5. Click Send Logs to transfer the generated ELD data electronically via either Email or Web Service.
Malfunction NotesAll malfunctions are coded per ELD mandates, such as code 1 – ‘Power data diagnostic’ event, code P – ‘Power compliance’ malfunction, etc. Any detected malfunctions will be recorded under the driver’s daily log. A malfunction warning sign will also appear on the driver’s account dashboard to notice the driver. The malfunctions’ codes and the way to determine are as follows: 1 – ‘Power data diagnostic’ event The ELD is not powered and has not become fully functional in 1 minute after the vehicle’s engine turn on or lost power while vehicle’s engine stays powered. P – ‘Power compliance’ malfunction The ELD is not powered for an aggregated in-motion driving time of 30 minutes or more over a 24-hour period across all driver profiles. 2 – ‘Engine synchronization data diagnostic’ event The ELD loses ECM connectivity to any of the required data sources (engine power status, vehicle motion status, miles driven, and engine hours) and can no longer acquire updated values for the required ELD parameters within five (5) seconds of the need. E – ‘Engine synchronization compliance’ malfunction ECM connectivity to any of the required data sources (engine power status, vehicle motion status, miles driven, and engine hours) is lost for more than 30 minutes during a 24-hour period aggregated across all driver profiles. 3 – ‘Missing required data elements data diagnostic’ event Record a missing data elements data diagnostics event for the driver if any required field is missing at the time of recording. 4 – ‘Data transfer data diagnostic’ event If the monitoring mechanism fails to confirm proper in-service operation of the data transfer mechanism(s), an ELD must record a data transfer data diagnostic event and enter an unconfirmed data transfer mode. S – ‘Data transfer compliance’ malfunction After an ELD records a data transfer data diagnostic event, the ELD must increase the frequency of the monitoring function to check at least once every 24-hour period. If the ELD stays in the unconfirmed data transfer mode following the next three consecutive monitoring checks, the ELD must detect a data transfer compliance malfunction. 5 – ‘Unidentified driving records data diagnostic’ event If more than 30 minutes of driving in a 24-hour period show unidentified driver on the ELD, the ELD must detect and record an unidentified driving records data diagnostic event and the data diagnostic indicator must be turned on for all drivers logged in to that ELD for the current 24-hour period and the following 7 days. T – ‘Timing compliance’ malfunction The ELD time has absolute deviation from UCT that is exceed 10 minutes at any point in time. L – ‘Positioning compliance’ malfunction The ELD fails to acquire a valid position measurement within 5 miles of the CMV’s movement when it requests to gather the location info. When such elapsed time of fails exceeds a cumulative 60 minutes over a 24-hour period, the ELD set and record a positioning compliance malfunction. R – ‘Data recording compliance’ malfunction The ELD can no longer record or retain required events or retrieve recorded logs that are not otherwise catalogued remotely by the motor carrier.
Certifying StatementWe certify that the our ELD application and related hardware have been tested to meet the FMCSA's ELD test procedures by using document Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Test Plan and Procedures, published by FMCSA.

Company Information

ManufacturerUnited Bus Technology
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number202-681-5508
Address7926 Johns Branch Dr suite 630, Mclean/va/22102

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