Rollingtrans ELD – ACCURATE SE

Electronic Logging DeviceRollingtrans Rollingtrans ELD - ACCURATE SE
Model NumberRT-ONE-BTSE
Software Version1.3.3

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsGo to Elogs Tab in the App and find the Red button on the bottom right corner. Click the button which allows you to export and transfer your HOS data in the following method. Data Transfer will follow FMCSA ELD final rule data transfer option 1 ( transfer exported data via wireless web service and email to safety authority officer's designated mail address. By Click Export Log data, you can export your Log data to your wireless device local storage. The ELD App will attach a file to an email message to be sent using RFC 5321 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) , to a specific email address.
Malfunction NotesWhen the ELD system app or ELD hardware fail to perform log record please check Malfunction code and Data Diagnostic code as following to identify system problem. Malfunction Code P - Power compliance” malfunction E - “Engine synchronization compliance” malfunction T - “Timing compliance” malfunction L - “Positioning compliance” malfunction R - “Data recording compliance” malfunction S - “Data transfer compliance” malfunction O - “Other” ELD detected malfunction Diagnostic Code 1 - “Power data diagnostic” event 2 - “Engine synchronization data diagnostic” event 3 - “Missing required data elements data diagnostic” event 4 - “Data transfer data diagnostic” event 5 - “Unidentified driving records data diagnostic” event 6 - “Other” ELD identified diagnostic event
Certifying StatementAccording to the ELD final rule and technical specification sheet on FMCSA website. Rollingtrans has performed necessary test, do hereby certify that ACCURATE ONE has met the technical specifications base on the following testing: • ELD hardware interpreter has performed vehicle connection test that can capture more than 30 different brand and model’s truck which using SAE J1939 and SAE J 1708 protocol. • The vehicle ECM operating data can be read and transferred to wireless device (Smartphone and Tablet) from ELD interpreter via Bluetooth connection. • ELD hardware interpreter can read the following data and transfer to Wireless device via Bluetooth connection o Engine On/Off o Engine RPM o Vehicle Velocity o Vehicle miles o Engine hours • ELD system App can capture following information from wireless device o GPS location o Date and Time ELD HOS log data display and transfer • ELD System App can keep driver’s HOS log data in local device for at least 8 consecutive days. • ELD System App can display driver’s HOS chart at current day and past 8 days • With connection to wireless web service, ELD system App can transfer HOS chart and Log data to authorized safety officers via email, message in PDF and text file format. • Android and iOS ELD System App can export driver’s log data to safety authority officer’s designated email address.

Company Information

Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number(844) 538-7267
Address155 N Lake Ave. 8th floor, Pasadena, CA, 91101

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