1701 NCX ELD

Electronic Logging DeviceNational Carrier Exchange 1701 NCX ELD
Model NumberNCX1701
Software Version2.3.1

Model Information

Data Transfer Methods1. In the "My Log" page of the mobile application, select the "Transfer Logs" button. 2. Select the dates for the Logs you wish to transfer by tapping the date boxes. 3. To transfer by Email, tap the "Email" section. The Email will be automatically entered in the email field and your logs will be ready to be emailed. Tap the green transfer button to complete the transfer. 4. If the inspector asks to use Web Services, they will provide a routing code. After you enter the routing code, the last 8 days of your logs will be transferred to the FMCSA, where the inspector can review them.
Malfunction NotesHardware Function Displays: Connection (Green Status Light) Cellular Network (Yellow Status Light) Bluetooth Connection (Blue Status Light) GNSS Position Fix (Red Status Light) Unauthorized Movement (Audio Alert) Each status indicator will show a live display of the monitored state of that portion of the ELD. The Software Application running on the Driver's Mobile Device will provide additional data in the event of any malfunctions, such as Compliance Malfunctions and Data Diagnostic Event Detections. Specifically, these are the errors described in TABLE 4 (Page 89), using the provided coding system for Malfunctions and Diagnostic Events: P: Power Compliance malfunction E: Engine Synchronization Compliance malfunction T: Timing Compliance malfunction L: Positioning Compliance malfunction R: Data Recording Compliance malfunction S: Data Transfer Compliance malfunction O: Other ELD-Detected malfunction 1: Power Data Diagnostic event 2: Engine Synchronization Data Diagnostic event 3: Missing Required Data Elements Data Diagnostic event 4: Data Transfer Data Diagnostic event 5: Unidentified Driving Records Data Diagnostic event 6: Other ELD-Identified Diagnostic event
Certifying StatementThroughout the development process, we have tested this model of device in a different makes and models of trucks, under a wide variety of use conditions and have corrected all bugs and errors that such testing has revealed through a continuous, iterative development process. At this point, we consider the device's hardware and software ready to release for use by the Trucking Industry. We hereby certify that this device is compliant to meet the requirements imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Electronic Logging Device Mandate of December 2015, and any subsequent updates and amendments that have been released to date.

Company Information

ManufacturerNational Carrier Exchange
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number213 232 8687
Address5757 W Century Blvd, Suite 700-1, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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