Dumax ELD

Electronic Logging DeviceDUMAX GPS Dumax ELD
Model NumberPT30
ELD ID NumberPT30-0
Software Version1.0

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsIn order for the application to transfer data through Email Services the mobile User must click the Option "Send by Email" identified as a green button in the Binnacle tab of the main screen. After doing so, the device will creaft an email with the data in the XML format containing all the driver's information as well as other required information, such as Unidentified Drivers' records, Positioning of the vehicle during the time of duty of the User during the last number of days (according to the organizational number of days which may very from 7 to 8 in total) and the vehicle's information. If the user would like to retrieve the information through Web Services, the User may click the same button, but instead, select the tab "Send Through Web Services", the user will be prompted with a text box in which he must type the official's routing code. If the user has Internet connection, the data transfer will be made through the mobile phone to the FMCSA portal.
Malfunction NotesMalfunctiosn are recorded according to the Standard Coding Required for Compliance. They include Power Compliance Malfunction, Engine Syncrhonization Compliance Malfunctions and Timing Compliance Malfunctions; as well as Positioning Compliance Malfunction, Data Recording Malfunctions and Data Transfer Malfunctions. All of these, according to the rules regarding the vehicles' drivers responding or not to the ELD, the ELD having detected movement without proper management of the application and depending on the rules the driver is allowed to keep doing his or her duty. Data Recording compliance is checked through continous revision of data checksum of values. The data transfer malfunctions is registered when there are problems syncrhonizing data with the application and the required transfering. In the same manner, diagnostic events are registered prior to a malfunction code and the ELD registers a malfunction when they trespass the limits according to the rule. Unidentified driving records are registered whenever the device detects vehicle's movements for more than the specified amount of miles or minutes. These are registered and, whenever a driver is logged in to the application, is requested to review them until a driver claims them. Missing data elements diagnostics are registered when the device could not retrieve, transfer or calculate all the information required for all it's required functions.
Certifying StatementWe certify the ELD Application is fully functional and provides reliable and accurate information; with proper mechanisms to avoid data tampering, modification or alteration in accordance to the FMCSA Electronic Logging Devices Rule. Thus providing a solid and proved solution to Log and Record Driver's Activities and Hour Violations as stipulated in the FMCSA rule. Under penalties of perjury, I, MARIA FERNANDA VILLARREAL AGUILAR, hereby certify on behalf of DUMAX GPS that ELD model FMB001 and version 1.0 has been sufficiently tested to meet the functional requirements included in the technical specifications in the Appendix to subpart B of part 395, title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, under the conditions in which the ELD would be used.

Company Information

ManufacturerDUMAX GPS
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number5129240447
Address106 EAST SIXTH STREET, SUITEE 900, AUSTIN, TX., 78701

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