Saucon Prox ELD

Electronic Logging DeviceSaucon Technologies, Inc Saucon Prox ELD
Model NumberPROXST16
Software Version20170221 or higher

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsSaucon Prox ELD will use the telematics option (web services and email) to transfer the data during a roadside inspection. From the main screen, the driver taps the red menu button, and selects “Inspection Mode.” Once there, the driver taps the “Transfer” button. The driver is then prompted to select the method of transfer specified by the inspector (Web Services or email). Once the method of transfer is selected, the driver is prompted to enter an Output File Comment (if provided by officer). The driver enters the Comment, and taps ‘Send,’ or just taps ‘Send’ if the Comment is not required. The driver will receive on-screen confirmation that the request has been submitted.
Malfunction NotesSaucon Prox ELD provides the following diagnostic and malfunction events, as specified in the ELD regulation, Section 4.6 Table 4: “Power compliance” malfunction; “Engine synchronization compliance” malfunction; “Timing compliance” malfunction; “Positioning compliance” malfunction; “Data recording compliance” malfunction; “Data transfer compliance” malfunction; “Power data diagnostic” event; “Engine synchronization data diagnostic” event; “Missing required data elements data diagnostic” event; “Data transfer data diagnostic” event; “Unidentified driving records data diagnostic” event; “Other” ELD identified diagnostic event (Positioning diagnostic event). When no Data Diagnostic Events or Malfunctions are active, a light indicator will display green. When any of the above Data Diagnostics events are active, the light indicator will display yellow. When any of the above Malfunctions are active, the light indicator will display red.
Certifying StatementSaucon Prox ELD was tested in accordance with the “Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Test Plan and Procedures,” dated 4/25/2016, Version 1.0. Testing was completed using the Saucon Prox ELD within a vehicle, as well as using simulated data from our test lab. The test team consisted of: the ELD Product Director; software developer(s); firmware developers; Systems Architect; other Project Managers to assist with testing as needed. Based on FMCSA’s provided test plan, tasks were created in Saucon’s internal project management system, to track development and testing of each item specified in the test plan. Once development was complete, the task was marked as ‘Ready to Test,’ at which point the Product Manager or other Project Manager would update with new code and begin testing. Any failures to comply were noted in the related task, and sent back to development with feedback. This process continued until items were found to be in compliance with the standards written in the test procedure. Before final release of software, items were regression tested to ensure they remained compliant. Further, this device was also certified as compliant by a 3rd party, at Saucon's expense, to ensure compliance with the FMCSA test plan.

Company Information

ManufacturerSaucon Technologies, Inc
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number4842412514
Address2455 Baglyos Circle, Bethlehem/PA/18020

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