Electronic Logging Device2701545 Canada Inc. Logbooks
Model NumberELD100
ELD ID NumberPLS100
Software Version1.0.0

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsMethod 1: Bluetooth File Transfer 1. Click on the Share button (top-right) on the home screen. 2. Select the Bluetooth option, then press the Send button. 3. Choose from the available Bluetooth devices which are nearby. Selecting the device in the list immediately starts the file transfer to the recipient. Method 2: Email File Transfer 1. Click on the Share button (top-right) on the home screen. 2. Select the Email option, then press the Send button. 3. Type in the recipient's email address, then press the Send button to finalize the transfer. Method 3: USB File Transfer 1. The Safety Officer / Roadside Inspector will provide a USB flash drive ("USB key") to the driver. 2. Plug in the USB flash drive to the ELD (tablet) first. 3. Click on the Share button (top-right) on the home screen. 4. Select the USB Drive file transfer option and then press the Send button.
Malfunction NotesThe ELD is capable of self-monitoring the following required functions: Power, Engine synchronization, Timing, Positioning, Data Recording and Data Transfer (all functions listed in chapter 4.6 in the testing guide). The ELD also has Visual Malfunction and Data Diagnostic Indicators as outlined in chapters and Data Transfer Malfunctions are checked three (3) times in a 24 hour period.
Certifying StatementThe ELD was rigorously tested to comply with FMCSA regulations. The document "ELD Test Plan and Procedures" by the FMCSA was followed very carefully, and all testing procedures (in all 3 chapters) were carried out and documented accordingly. Several internal "pilot" cases were carried out with select drivers to ensure the ELDs function as designed and to meet all required FMCSA guidelines.

Company Information

Manufacturer2701545 Canada Inc.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number0000000000
Address312-300 Rue de la Berge du Canal, Lachine, QC, H8R 1H3

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2701545 Canada Inc. Logbooks PLS100

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