PeopleNet Connected Gateway – Trimble Driver ELD

Electronic Logging DevicePeopleNet PeopleNet Connected Gateway - Trimble Driver ELD
Model NumberPCG001
ELD ID NumberPCG001
Software Version8.3 or higher

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsDriver or Official will use the Options button on the Driver Overview screen. Driver or Official will use the Roadside Inspection button on the drop down. This button will navigate the user to a Logs Grid page. The Logs Grid page will contain a button labeled "Transmit ELD Data File”. User is able to type in the white dialog box for a reference information that will be sent with the file. Select either Email or Web Service once your selection is made the Done button will become active. Tap Done to send the file.
Malfunction NotesPower (P) - Device lost power during driving events for a total of 30 min or more over a 24-hour period Engine synchronization (E) - Device lost connection to the ECM (or other data source) for a total of more than 30 min during a 24-hour period. Timing (T) - Device is not able to synchronize to UTC. Positioning (L) - Device is not able to acquire a valid position measurement within 5 mi of vehicle movement for a total of more than 60 min over a 24 hour period. Data recording (R) - Device is no longer able to record or retain required event data or retrieve locally-stored recorded logs. Data transfer (S) - Device continues to fail checks of the roadside transfer mechanism for three days following a Data Transfer Diagnostic Event. Other ELD detected (O) - The eDriver Logs ELD application has stopped working or is not responding as expected.
Certifying StatementPeopleNet certifies based on our completion of the testing procedures provided by the FMCSA in the Electronic Logging Device Test Plan and Procedures document version 2.0 dated 10/17/2016 that PCG001 and complies with all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) specifications as found in 49 CFR Part 395 for Electronic Logging Devices, Subpart B.

Company Information

Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number888-346-3486
Address4400 Baker Road, Minnetonka, MN 55343

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