ISR FleetTrack® HOS ELD Module

Electronic Logging DeviceISR Corporation ISR FleetTrack® HOS ELD Module
Model NumberHOS100
ELD ID NumberISR500
Software VersionVersion 1.90

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsWhen using the HOS100 ELD for Data Transfer during a Safety Inspection, data transfer to a USB 2.0 portable device is provided via the USB port on the tablet. There is also a Bluetooth wireless transfer option, depending upon the availability of discover-able devices. Please see ISR HOS Electronic Logging Device User’s Guide, pages 11-12, which is excerpted below: Data Transfer Using USB Data transfer from ELD is typically used for spot inspections by law enforcement personnel, where user is asked to produce data logged by the ELD. The USB device is connected to the USB port situated to the right of the ELD power cable on the tablet. User does not select the data to be transferred. When the Data Transfer option is selected, and the following steps are completed, all records for the current driver accumulated over the past seven days will be transferred to the selected media. • On the main Dashboard screen, choose Data Transfer; the Data Transfer options appear. • Choose USB or Bluetooth depending on which option is currently available; you will be prompted for your password.
Malfunction NotesThe ISR Corporation Hours of Service ELD product, model # HOS100 has the capability to self-monitor the device’s compliance with the technical requirements as they presently exist. The HOS-1 is designed to be an add-on accessory to the fleet management telematics solution produced by ISR Corporation, called ISRFleetTrack®. The summary list of monitored detectable malfunctions which trigger a logged event are as follows: Power compliance, Engine synchronization compliance, timing compliance, Position Compliance, Data Recording compliance, Data Transfer compliance, and “Other” for all other ELD detected malfunctions. In addition, the following Data Diagnostic events will be detected and logged as events: Power Data, Engine Synchronization, Missing Required Data Elements, Data Transfer, Unidentified Driving Records Data and “Other” for any additional ELD identified diagnostic events. For each malfunction event listed above, a visual malfunction indicator is automatically displayed on the ELD touch screen display. Similarly, for each triggered Data Diagnostic event listed above, a separate Data Diagnostic visual status event indicator is displayed on the ELD touchscreen for the purpose of informing the current driver that a Data Diagnostics event has occurred.
Certifying StatementAll tests performed on the ISR Corporation HOS100 electronic Logging Device were performed in accordance with the ELD Test Plan document produced by ISR Corporation and in compliance with the current updated ELD Test Procedures furnished by the FMCSA. These tests verify that the HOS-1 unit meets the functional requirements as stated in the technical specifications of the Appendix to subpart B of part 395, title 49, CFR.

Company Information

ManufacturerISR Corporation
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number410-536-9989 x 302
Address1502 Joh Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21227

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