“Journey 8” and “Journey 8R”

Electronic Logging DeviceiGlobal LLC "Journey 8" and "Journey 8R"
Model NumberiGBL J8R
Software Version7.1.72.403

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsThe Journey 8 R supports Wireless Web Service and Email transmission of the ELD Output file for Data Transmission. To create an output file for Transmission, the user will need to press the ELD Transmission button that is located on the Menu Bar on the Top of all screens on the ELD. When this button is pressed, the user will be have the ability to enter an output file comment and chose Wireless Web Transmission or Email Transmission. Once the Transmission type is pressed a request is generated on the ELD to generate an output file and then to send to the selected transfer mechanism. The user will also have the ability to display their Daily Header and Event list to an authorized safety office by accessing the Elog tile, selecting review logs and then choosing Daily header or Event List. From the review logs screen the user and authorized safety official will also be able to view the drivers daily log graph.
Malfunction NotesThe summary of malfunctions is as follows: Power Compliance Malfunction - Created when there is a aggregated In-Motion Driving time understatement of 30 minutes or more Engine Synchronization Compliance Malfunction - Created when connectivity to the ECM data sources is lost for more than 30 minutes in a 24 hour period. Timing Compliance Malfunction - Created when ELD time exceeded a 10 minute deviation from the Coordinated Universal Time Positioning Compliance Malfunction - Created when ELD fails to acquire a valid position measurement within 5 miles of the trucks movement and has elapsed a cumulative 60 minutes in a 24-hour period Data Recording Compliance Malfunction – Created when ELD is no longer able to record/retain events or retrieve recorded logs. Data Transfer Compliance Malfunction - Created when ELD has stayed in an unconfirmed data transfer mode for three consecutive monitoring checks. Other ELD Malfunction - Created when ELD has failed to Synch logs
Certifying StatementThe software used in the Journey 8 tablet is the same software we already put through rigorous testing before we registered the EDGE MDT, but the hardware is different. I certify that both the hardware and software have been sufficiently tested and meet all known requirements of the ELD Mandate. New testing was completed with the tablet to ensure every test case passed.

Company Information

ManufactureriGlobal LLC
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number734-585-7878
Address315 NE 14th Street, Ocala FL 34470

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