Electronic Logging DeviceGLOBAL TRUCK ELD GLOBAL ELD
Model NumberGLBV1.0.0.1
ELD ID NumberGLB159
Software Version1.0.1

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsWe at Global ELD Support two types of data transfer mechanisms. 1. Wireless Web services 2. Email Wireless Web services : 1. Global ELD converts ELD files into an XML using FMCSA provided files. 2. Global ELD Generate XML files to the driver for Last 7 days+ current day. 3. Global ELD supports uploading the data(XML file) into the FMCSA. Wireless data transfer through EMail : We Global ELD give an Instruction for a driver to produce and transfer the ELD records: Global ELD provides to create CSV File FMCSA: 1. Global ELD creates CSV files along with following information (under the FMCSA rule): company, driver details, trip details, co-driver details, shipping details, hours of service records, event log details, unidentified records for Vehicle (including comments for the inspection officer at the time of inspection). 2. Global ELD encrypts the content of the CSV file using AES encryption standards with authentication value. 3. Create file name, subject of the email all are under the FMCSA rule. 4. Attach CSV file and send email to FMCSA provided email id.
Malfunction NotesGlobal ELD support following malfunctions: Power compliance malfunction - If there are any issues while streaming vehicle data, we have recorded event log with power compliance. Engine synchronization compliance malfunction - If there are any issues while connecting to the vehicle, we have recorded event log with Engine synchronization. Timing compliance malfunction - When ELD no longer meets the underlying compliance requirement, we have recorded event log with timing compliance malfunction. Positioning compliance malfunction - If there are any issues from latitude and longitude coordinates, we have recorded event log with positioning compliance malfunction. Data recording compliance malfunction - If there are any issues while getting vehicle data like(VIN, Engine time, Odometer readings), we have recorded logs for that incorrect data. Data transfer compliance malfunction event - While transferring to FMCSA if there is any issue, we have captured it as a data transfer malfunction. Missing required data elements data diagnostic event - While recording the event if there is any required field missing, we have recorded log under missing required data elements data diagnostics (under FMCSA mandatory fields for the event). Unidentified driving records data diagnostic event - If any unidentified event is detected (without user login), we have recorded log under unidentified driving records data diagnostic event.
Certifying StatementWe hereby certify that we have executed FMCSA test plans and procedures and test procedure complies with the FMCSA regulations and the ELD device was tested and that it meets or exceeds the requirements stated in the ELD rule.

Company Information

Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number18009364011
Address159 DARCY PKWY , LATHROP /CA/95330


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