Electronic Logging DeviceEvo ELD Inc. EVO ELD 1
Model NumberEVO 1
ELD ID NumberG711H2
Software Version1.0.0

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsEvo ELD platform work for recording, storing and transferring the ELD information through telematics method of transferring. To transfer information, client should utilize Web services and Email. Transferring information to authorized safety official with web service makes two strides, first go to "INSPECTION" from menu bar and afterward press "SEND ELD OUTPUT FILE". All together, send the ELD information with Email, Driver ought to go to "INSPECTION" from menu bar and press "EMAIL LOGS" then, at that point, press "SEND LOGS".
Malfunction NotesThe Evo ELD hardware fit for observing its consistence with specialized prerequisite and identifies malfunctions and tracks its malfunction. Adhering to guideline coding is executed for required consistence malfunction and data symptomatic event location: P - "Power consistence" malfunction, E - "Motor synchronization consistence" malfunction, T - "Timing consistence" malfunction, L - "Situating consistence" malfunction, R - "Data recording consistence" malfunction, S - "Data move consistence" malfunction, O - "Other" ELD recognized malfunction, 1 - "Power data indicative" event, 2 - "Motor synchronization data analytic" event, 3 - "Missing required data elements data demonstrative" event, 4 - "Data move data symptomatic" event, 5 - "Unidentified driving records data demonstrative" event, 6 - "Other" ELD distinguished indicative event. All Evo ELD malfunctions are put away and can pull out when data required for additional examination. Assuming that any malfunction happens - driver will be told with a popup portraying data about the malfunction.
Certifying StatementEvo ELD was tested utilizing the FMCSA's suggested testing systems. This was enhanced by Evo ELD inside testing strategies.

Company Information

ManufacturerEvo ELD Inc.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number585-877-0777
Address3864 Center rd Unit-A12, Brunswick OH 44212

Devices From Evo ELD Inc.

Device ID
Evo ELD Inc. EVO ELD 1 G711H2

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