Geowiz ELD

Electronic Logging DeviceGeoSpace Labs Geowiz ELD
Model NumberIO100
Software Versionv and higher

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsGeowiz ELD supports wireless Web services and email (Option 1) for its compliant data transfer mechanism. For a driver to transmit this information to an authorized safety official they will: 1. Tap the tools button in the upper right corner of the mobile ELD device. 2. Tap the send logs button in the lower right of the popup. 3. Enter the email address of the authorized safety official and tap the send button. 4. NOTE: Driver may check the 'copy me on this email' option to also receive a copy of the log transfer
Malfunction NotesThe primary default code is the inability of the mobile device to connect to the engine modem. This is indicated by the red bar along the top of the device. 1. Check that Bluetooth is enabled on the phone and that the modem device is available for pairing 2. Inspect the physical model for its error state. There are 2 primary states 3. A rapidly blinking light indicates that the modem was unable to pair with the mobile device 4. A steady dull light means the modem was entered an error state and is not attempting to pair with any device 5. In either scenario hold the small button on the bottom left of the modem device front panel for 5 seconds to reset the device and to clear its error state ERROR CODES The primary default code is the inability of the mobile device to connect to the engine modem. This is indicated by the red bar along the top of the device. For troubleshooting instructions see above section “Setting Up The Plug In” FMCSA Error Codes Malfunction/Diagnostic Code Description P “Power compliance” malfunction E “Engine synchronization compliance” malfunction T “Timing compliance” malfunction L “Positioning compliance” malfunction R “Data recording compliance” malfunction S “Data transfer compliance” malfunction O “Other” ELD detected malfunction AKAL Equivalent Codes Code Description Shown on Mobile Device P “The plug in device is not powered on.” E “The plug in device is not able to synchronize” T “The plug in timing is not working correctly” L “System is not able to determine positioning” R “System is not able to record data” S “System is not able to transfer data” O “An unidentified error has occurred” Malfunction/Diagnostic Code Data Diagnostic Event 1 “Power data diagnostic” event 2 “Engine synchronization data diagnostic” event 3 “Missing required data elements data diagnostic” event 4 “Data transfer data diagnostic” event 5 “Unidentified driving records data diagnostic” event 6 “Other” ELD identified diagnostic event AKAL Equivalent Codes Code Process Run, Description 1 “AKAL will attempt to reset the plug in” 2 “AKAL will attempt to reset the plug in” 3 “You are missing data xxx from the ELD logs” 4 “Attempting to reconnect..” 5 “Unidentified driving records found” 6 “A general system diagnostic is in process..”
Certifying StatementThe FMCSA ELD Requirements document and usage case scenario document were followed step by step to validate each function in the requirements with our ELD device. Several updates to the software were made and the testing procedure was repeated until all scenarios passed. Software version 2.0 contains the code base tested against the FMCA requirements. This ELD has an APP that runs on either Android or iOS devices and can be set to run in several configurations including Owner Operator, Fleet (PRO), Agriculture, Limo, Short Haul, Waste, and Oil & Gas. The selected configuration is a set of software flags, there is only a single hardware design and a single software code base which is cross compiled for either Android or iOS.

Company Information

ManufacturerGeoSpace Labs
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number877.4.GEOWIZ
Address4460 Florida National Driv,, Lakeland, FL 33813

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