Ez ELD Tracking Management System

Electronic Logging DeviceEZ TRACK Ez ELD Tracking Management System
Model NumberEZELD4230
Software Version0.0.1

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsEz ELD Management System utilizes the Telematics option (Email and Web Services) as the method of electronically transferring the output file to the authorized safety official. In the Menu of the Ez ELD App enter on the DOT Section, a window will appear, to continue to see the records, tap of the INSPECT button then the interested log to open it. To share your records tap the DATA TRANSFER button and a window with 2 options appear to select the preferred: Email: which allows drivers to send ELD data in a multipart POST request containing a CSV file with the ELD data inside it. The file will be sent to the server, encrypted and then sent to the FMCSA enforcement personnel for decryption and verification. After the data transfer process is successful, will display a message that “Successfully Transferred”. Web Service: which allows drivers to send ELD data in a plain POST request that will in turn submit the data to the FMCSA web service, where it will be validated. After the data transfer process is successful, will display a message that “Successfully Transferred”. In both cases, If has an invalid information will display a dialog with the Data Transfer Error.
Malfunction NotesPower compliance malfunction: There has been a hardware issue or possible tampering with the unit that is installed in your vehicle. The recorded engine on and off events do not match between the mobile device and the vehicle unit. Possibly the CMV has been operated with the hardware unit unplugged. Engine synchronization compliance malfunction: The mobile device has lost connectivity to the vehicle unit for more than 30 minutes during a 24-hour period. During this time the data on engine power status, vehicle motion status, miles driven, and engine hours could no longer be accessed. Timing compliance malfunction: There was a discrepancy of more than 5 minutes, either between the mobile device's time and the hardware unit’s time, or, between the ECM’s time and the hardware unit’s time. Positioning compliance malfunction: The GPS connection has been lost and the mobile device has not been able to retrieve a valid location for more than 60 minutes within a 24-hour period. Check your GPS aerial. Data recording compliance malfunction: The mobile device is unable to properly record required data, because there is not enough storage space available on the device. The mobile device can no longer record new events and you might lose events that have not been uploaded yet. Data transfer compliance malfunction: The automatic data transfer check that is done once within each 24-hour period has failed more than 3 times. This means that you might have issues if you try to transfer your data.
Certifying StatementThe device was installed on a truck to obtain the values of the ECM as required by the new regulations stipulated by the FCMSA. After that, an access administrator was created to register the ELD profile and the application was installed on the driver's phone for testing

Company Information

ManufacturerEZ TRACK
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number011526864887010
Address1101 Ollie Ave #3906, Calexico, CA , 92232

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