Ez-Hard-Wire ELD by Ezlogz

Electronic Logging DeviceEzlogz Inc Ez-Hard-Wire ELD by Ezlogz
Model NumberST20
Software Version273

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsThe Ezlogz Device uses email, officer inspection mode, Bluetooth, and web services (Output file). Description of the supported and certified data transfer mechanisms and step-by-step instructions for a driver to produce and transfer the ELD records to an authorized safety official Step 1.In main menu of the application choose "Inspection mode" Step 2. On right top corner of the screen press "share" button Step 3. In popup window select "Send output file", then out of two available, choose one option "Web service" or "Email" Step 4. After Inspector inputs comment, press button "Send"
Malfunction NotesOn the Logbook screen of ELD driver always see's the eld icon, if any malfunction occurs - the driver will be notified with a popup describing information about the malfunction and recommendations on how a driver should try to resolve/fix it and eld icon will become red. Same time information about malfunction save into user history and will be displayed in inspection display/print data, eld data file. If any malfunctions are currently active - the eld icon will be red and clicking on it will show current malfunctions information. Also, each eld client will receive a printout, describing possible malfunctions, how to detect them and steps to resolve them. If need any additional information - please provide more specific question, as nowhere in eld mandate/ELD Test Plan and Procedures specified what exactly should be pointed in this field(explanation, examples) Currently implemented malfunctions: -Power data diagnostic events - if ELD is not powered and fully functional within one minute of the vehicle’s engine receiving power -Power compliance malfunctions - if ELD is not powered for an aggregated in-motion driving time of 30 minutes or more over a 24-hour period across all driver profiles -Engine synchronization data diagnostic events - if no data comes from vehicle ecu's within five seconds of the need -Engine synchronization compliance malfunctions - if no data comes from vehicle ecu's for more than 30 minutes during a 24-hour period aggregated across all driver profiles. -Timing compliance malfunction - if ELD can no longer meet the underlying compliance requirement to record Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) -Positioning compliance malfunction - if ELD fails to acquire a valid position measurement within 5 miles of the commercial motor vehicle moving and 60 minutes has passed(gps failure) -Data recording compliance malfunction - occurs when an ELD can no longer record or retain required events or retrieve recorded logs that are not kept remotely by the motor carrier(memory limit, save failure) -Missing required data elements data diagnostic event - if any required data field is missing at the time of its recording(validation failure) -Data transfer data diagnostic event - if when the operation of the data transfer mechanism(s) is not confirmed(file generation failure, transfer failure) -Data transfer compliance malfunction - if ELD stays in the unconfirmed data transfer mode following the next three consecutive monitoring checks(file generation failure, transfer failure) -Unidentified driving records data diagnostic event - If ELD record driving event with no driver logged in for more than 30 minutes of driving time for an unidentified driver is recorded within a 24-hour period
Certifying StatementThe Ezlogz techs fallowed all the FMCSA step by step procedures and came back with a positive (P) pass result and ELD device complies with FMCSA safety regulations (ELD Rule) Ezlogz Certifies that the ELD device complies with FMCSA safety regulations (ELD Rule)

Company Information

ManufacturerEzlogz Inc
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number(800)670-7807
Address201 NE Park Plaza dr, suite 148, Vancouver, WA 98684

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