Electronic Logging DeviceRM2J inc. E-LOG
Model Number1403
Software Version17081801

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Data Transfer MethodsDescription of the supported and certified data transfer mechanisms: Option 1—Telematics transfer methods (Email) and Wireless Web service (when available). Step-by-step instructions for a driver to produce and transfer the ELD records to an authorized safety official: Starting from the ELD_Overview menu: * Select the "Inspection" button * {A comment may be entered in the comment textbox } To transfer to web service: *Click the "Send to web service" button To transfer over email : *Click the "Send over email" button For on-screen verification: *Click the "Show on screen" button
Malfunction Notes[1] DIAGNOSTIC_POWER A difference of at least 1 min was found between the engineHours reading of an engine turn-off and engine turn-on records, meaning that Eld was not powered within 1 minutes of the vehicle engine receiving power. [P] MALFUNCTION_POWER A cummulated difference of over 30 minute in the last 24h was detected. [2] DIAGNOSTIC_ENGINE_SYNC Access to motion status, engine operation, odometer and engine hour took at least 5 seconds to access when required. [E] MALFUNCTION_ENGINE_SYNC A cummulative 30 minutes of failed access to engine parameters in the last 24h was detected [3] DIAGNOSTIC_MISSING_DATA At the moment on record creation, either the location was unavailable, or the last known position was 5 mile or more from current location. [4] DIAGNOSTIC_DATA_TRANSFER The ELD failed to generate and/or transfer at least one of the possible report type. [S] MALFUNCTION_DATA_TRANSFER The ELD failed 4 consecutive time the report generation and transfer test. [5] DIAGNOSTIC_UNIDENTIFIED_DRV More than 30 minutes in a 24 hour period of driving time recorded to the unassigned driver profile. (in the last 7 day) [6] DIAGNOSTIC_OTHER The system is running low on memory [O] MALFUNCTION_OTHER System memory critically low [T] MALFUNCTION_TIMING System clock detected an offset of over 10 minutes when compared to UTC. [L] MALFUNCTION_POSITIONING The system failed to aquire GPS location for at least 5 driven miles, for a total of at least 60 minutes in a 24h period. OR The system failed to aquire GPS location at the moment of a record creation. [R] MALFUNCTION_RECORDING The system failed to save a record and had to remove previously synchronised record to keep working, report generation compromised...
Certifying StatementUsing the ELD_Test_Plan_and_Procedure_All_Chapters_11_2_2016.pdf file as a guideline, We created an excel file where row represent all test from 4.1.1-1 to 4.10.2.-1 (As of this writing, the file is available for download at https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/hours-service/elds/eld-test-procedures) The column used for the file are • Id: Identification of the test matching the specification section (eg. • Part: Sub-section defining specific test (number following the “-” character (eg: • Date: Date of the test • Start: Starting time of the test • Stop: Ending time of the test • Status: Define the test actual status (Either Passed of Facultative) • Tester: Initials of the individual who did the test • Comment: Extra detail left by the tester about the test. (Either justification or Explanation) • Definition: Brief explanation of the test goal All tests were made manually by the development team. When a test passed, all field would be filled by tester. When a test Failed a comment detailing the reason was inputted in the comment column to be addressed by the developer, said test were re-done from the start once the problem was deemed fixed.

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ManufacturerRM2J inc.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number844-440-4464
Address1490 Local A, Joliot-Curie, Boucherville, Quebec, J4B7L9

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RM2J inc. E-LOG ELOG01

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