PosiTrace ELD System

Electronic Logging DeviceGlobal Fleet Management inc. PosiTrace ELD System
Model NumberMDTGX6
ELD ID NumberELD001
Software Version1.0.0

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsPosiTrace ELD System allows to make the initiation of the data transfer process to an authorized security officer upon request during a roadside survey in one step. Sending to USB - Connect the USB device to the tablet. - Go to the main application screen and click on "Roadside Inspection". - Select the method of sending - "USB". - Enter a comment to the report file, in the dialog that appears, and click "DONE". - Enter the driver’s password, and click "Ok" - Select from the provided USB list the device of the authorized security officer. - Press "Save" - Wait for the message of record finishing. - Remove the USB device from the tablet. Sending to Web Service FMCSA - Go to the main App screen and click on "Roadside Inspection". - Select the method of sending - "Web Service". - Enter a comment to the report file, in the dialog that appears, and click "DONE". - Wait until the data transfer to the FMCSA service is completed. Sending by Bluetooth: - Open Android settings - Enable Bluetooth support (if it was OFF) - Select in the list of available devices the device of the FMCSA officer - Enter password, which should be provided by the FMCSA officer - You should get an internet connection to send the report using the Email or Web Service described above
Malfunction NotesPosiTrace ELD System is able to monitor diagnostic events and monitor the occurrence of malfunctions in accordance with the requirements described in the document ELD Test Plan and Procedures p. 4.6 Power Malfunction An ELD must set a power compliance malfunction if the power data diagnostics event indicates an aggregated in-motion driving time understatement of 30 minutes or more on the ELD over a 24-hour period across all driver profiles, including the unidentified driver profile. Engine Synchronization Malfunction An ELD must set an engine synchronization compliance malfunction if connectivity to any of the required data sources is lost for more than 30 minutes during a 24-hour period aggregated across all driver profiles, including the unidentified driver profile. Timing Malfunction The ELD must periodically cross-check its compliance with the requirement with respect to an accurate external UTC source and must record a timing compliance malfunction when it can no longer meet the underlying compliance requirement. Position Malfunction ELD records requiring location information must use the last valid position measurement and include the latitude/longitude coordinates and distance traveled, in miles, since the last valid position measurement. An ELD must monitor elapsed time during periods when the ELD fails to acquire a valid position measurement within 5 miles of the vehicle’s movement. When such elapsed time exceeds a cumulative 60 minutes over a 24 hour period, the ELD must set and record a positioning compliance malfunction. Data Recording Malfunction An ELD must monitor its storage capacity and integrity and must detect a data recording compliance malfunction if it can no longer record or retain required events or retrieve recorded logs that are not otherwise catalogued remotely by the motor carrier. Data Transfer Malfunction (a) An ELD must implement in-service monitoring functions to verify that the data transfer mechanism(s) are continuing to function properly. An ELD must verify this functionality at least once every 7 days.These monitoring functions may be automatic or may involve manual steps for a driver. (c) After an ELD records a data transfer data diagnostic event, the ELD must increase the frequency of the monitoring function to check at least once every 24-hour period. If the ELD stays in the unconfirmed data transfer mode following the next three 90 consecutive monitoring checks, the ELD must detect a data transfer compliance malfunction.
Certifying StatementCertifying Statement of FMCSA Regulation Testing PosiTrace ELD System has been certified due to successful implementation and checking of FMCSA ELD testing procedures. PosiTrace ELD System was installed and tested on an MDT tablet with the Android operating system. Testing was carried out using actual vehicles by connecting to GNX-6 device using bluetooth and a wired connection. Some of the testing procedures that are relevant to the carrier have been verified using the web application https://locate.positrace.com, which can be accessed through a web browser.

Company Information

ManufacturerGlobal Fleet Management inc.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number+1 877-787-2231
Address1515 Broadway St #104, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6M2, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

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