CyntrX ELD Plus

Electronic Logging DeviceCyntrX CyntrX ELD Plus
Model NumberiOS and Geometris
Software Version1.0

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsTo send logs at roadside a driver must: 1. Start on the main dashboard. 2. Select "Roadside Inspection" from about the middle of the screen. 3. Select "Send Logs to DOT." 4. Type in the notation requested by the inspecting officer. 5. Select "Send." This will send logs using both Wireless Web Services and Email (option 1 as stated in the ELD mandate regarding roadside data transfer).
Malfunction NotesThe malfunctions supported are: Power Compliance Malfunction Engine Synchronization Malfunction Timing Compliance Malfunction Positioning Compliance Malfunction Data Recording Malfunction Data Transfer Malfunction Each of these malfunctions appears prominently for the user to understand the issue. When the user is presented with this, he is able to rectify the situation, contact the manufacturer or use paper logs, as provided as part of the instruction guide, to remain compliant. The malfunctions and malfunction codes can be found in the instruction guide with the required details in order for the driver to understand what he needs to do next.
Certifying StatementThe product has been thoroughly tested by both internal and external, third party, testers. Each requirement of the ELD has been either met or exceeded. The process of review and testing included the full review of the ruling, testing procedures and debugging of any blocker found in the software package. It further included the retesting by additional quality assurance professionals. Ultimately, the programing and hardware operate as intended and are in compliance.

Company Information

Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number9203380479
Address1302 South Broadway, De Pere, WI, 54115

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