Electronic Logging DeviceCartrack USA 1ELD
Model NumberCTG4
Software Version1.H

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsFollowing are available OPTIONS Currently Available Data Transfer During Roadside Safety Inspections Driver can enter roadside inspection mode on the tablet and either Email or display the data to the officer during the inspection. Driver can show current 24 hours and past 7 days to the inspecting officer. This will be in a traditional log based view as per current paper based log book inspections. Email Driver can email RODS in a PDF format or data file in a CSV format to the Inspection officer. The CSV file has: (1) a header segment, which specifies current or non-varying elements of an ELD file; and (2) variable length comma-delimited segments for the drivers, vehicles, ELD events, ELD malfunction and data diagnostics records, ELD login and logout activity, and unidentified driver records. Future state, Web Service and Bluetooth data transfer protocols to be defined these will both be available. The 1ELD application has the ability to send RODS via Web services and SOAP based on configurations.
Malfunction NotesELD Malfunction events are logged based on Accelerometer and GPS movement and comparison to actual data received from ECM. Connectivity issues are logged in real time based on communication between ECM and ELD. GPS and ELD. Server and ELD. Driver ELD app and ELD. Database Required fields and ELD. The following Malfunctions are all logged by the ELD Power Compliance Malfunctions Engine Synchronization Malfunctions Timing Compliance Malfunctions Position Compliance Malfunctions Data Recording Malfunctions Missing Required Data Malfunctions
Certifying StatementThe company certifies based on the following testing procedure that the 1ELD device is compliant and passed the FMCSA Test plan and Procedures Requirements. We used a third party Quality assurance and Testing Team. Devices were beta tested in customers for field testing. Detailed user testing and regression testing procedures. For Hardware and Application: Test Case Preparation Automated Script Identification and Modification Manual and Automated Testing Usability Testing Performance Testing Security and Compliance Testing Device Testing QA and testing of all modules excluding ELD-FUNC- ELD-FUNC-4.9.1-2 ELD-FUNC-4.9.2-5 ELD-FUNC- ELD-FUNC- ELD-FUNC- ELD-FUNC- ELD-FUNC- ELD-FUNC-4.10.2-1

Company Information

ManufacturerCartrack USA
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number4245008601
Address12100 Wilshire Blvd, 1550, Los Angeles

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Cartrack USA 1ELD CTG4BT

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