Electronic Logging DeviceChorus Logistics Guardrail
Model NumberCGR001
ELD ID NumberCGR001
Software Versionv1.4.5.4 or higher

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsELD file data transfer via FMCSA Web Service & Encrypted E-mail. Procedure: On Using driver's tablet click on 'ToolTagger' application, Click on 'Roadside Inspection' button then select transfer option(WebService or E-Mail), click on 'Submit' button.
Malfunction Notes## Code Compliance Type Malfunction Detail == ==== ============================= ============================ 1) 'P' Power compliance 'ELD Power Loss' 2) 'E' Engine sync compliance 'ELD ECM Comms Lost' 3) 'T' Timing compliance 'ELD Time Source Lost' 4) 'L' Positioning compliance 'ELD Position Source Lost' 5) 'R' Data recording compliance 'ELD Data Lost' 6) 'S' Data transfer compliance 'ELD Data Transfer Failure'
Certifying StatementTesting has been performed to ensure the Guardrail ELD product integrated into the 'ToolTagger' application meets all requirements.

Company Information

ManufacturerChorus Logistics
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number713-899-1271
Address431 Hickory Post Houston, Texas, Houston, TX 77079

Devices From Chorus Logistics

Device ID
Chorus Logistics Guardrail CGR001

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