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Model NumberRDT5
Software Version1.0

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsThe RDT5 provides a standardized single-step compilation for the driver’s ELD records and initiation of the data transfer to authorized safety officials when requested during a roadside inspection. Data transfer is initiated by touching the HOS button on RDT5 screen to display the HOS inspection view, then the Send button to select the transfer function. The RDT5 then prompts for the Output File Comment, which must be entered before the transfer can be initiated. Once a comment has been entered, the Send button is touched to initiate the transfer. The transfer is completed via Web Service using the FMCSA SOAP endpoint.
Malfunction NotesThe RDT5 continually self-monitors for a variety of malfunctions, including: • Device power (loss of power causing gaps in vehicle odometer) • Vehicle synchronization (errors in diagnostic port communications) • Timing (failure in server UTC synchronization) • Position (failure in GPS subsystem) • Data recording (failure to store events locally or transfer to server) • Data transfer (failure to initiate a requested data transfer to FMCSA) • Other (failures that impair accuracy or completeness of ELD operation, such as memory corruption, file system failure, or input device failure) In each case the RDT5 records a data diagnostic event at the beginning and end of the malfunction condition. While any malfunction is occurring, the RDT notifies the driver by indicating the failure type in the footer section of the display, with white lettering on red background.
Certifying StatementThe RDT5 was certified through successful execution and verification of the FMCSA ELD Test Procedures. Testing was performed using a J1939 simulator, and by connection to a variety of vehicles via the J1939 and J1708 diagnostic connectors. Some of the test procedures, which are relevant to Motor Carriers, were verified using the companion Web application, accessible from computer, tablet, or smart phone.

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