BridgeHaul ELD

Electronic Logging DeviceBridgeHaul Inc BridgeHaul ELD
Model NumberBluelink
Software Version3.0.0

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsBridgeHaul's ELD supports telemetatics webservices data transfer and email. To transfer data as a driver, the driver clicks on “Send eRODs” in the settings menu. A modal will pop up in the center of the screen with an optional input field for a comment. The driver will indicate the transfer method by checking the “webservices” box or the “email” box. Once the driver adds the optional comment, he/she clicks “SEND” which will initiate the file transfer to the FMCSA via webservices. The ELD communicates to BridgeHaul’s internal servers via APIs over cellular service and BridgeHaul connects to an FMCSA SOAP service and submits a client certificate, the ELD data file with output file comment input by the driver. For email file transfers, BridgeHaul uses the secure/multipurpose internet mail exchange (S/MIME) standard which is encrypted using AES-256 (AES cipher with a 256-bit key length). BridgeHaul attaches the FMCSA’s ELD public key and is signed using BridgeHaul’s ELD private key that corresponds with the ELD public key submitted to the FMCSA by BridgeHaul during the self-certifying process.
Malfunction NotesMalfunctions and diagnostic events are flagged with a red icon on the ELD homescreen. Each malfunction or diagnostic event (the event) attributes a 1 digit code that further specifies the underlying malfunction or data diagnostic event as defined in Table 4 of the technical appendix to the ELD Final Rule. Attached to this event are additional required fields such as date, time, CMV, vehicle miles, and engine hours and driver profile. The ELD is has the ability to record all malfunction and data diagnostic events as defined in Table 4 of the technical appendix to the ELD Final Rule including power compliance, engine synchronization compliance, timing compliance, positioning compliance, data recording compliance, data transfer compliance, and other various malfunctions. For data diagnostic events, the ELD can detect and record power data diagnostic, engine synchronization diagnostic, missing required data element diagnostic , data transfer diagnostic, and unidentified driving record diagnostic events. Once the required elapsed time or value drops below the malfunction or diagnostic threshold the ELD records when the malfunction/diagnostic is cleared. In addition to the displayed icon, the ELD will flag and prompt a driver to accept or reject unidentified driving events that have not been claimed upon connecting to the device if any are present.
Certifying StatementBridgeHaul Inc certifies that this ELD model and version has been sufficiently tested to meet the functional requirements included in the technical specifications in the Appendix to subpart B of part 395, title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, under the conditions in which the ELD would be used.

Company Information

ManufacturerBridgeHaul Inc
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number8007856438
Address177 E Colorado Blvd STE 200, Pasadena, CA 91105

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