Electronic Logging DeviceAir Automotive Tracking Inc. AAT HOS
Model Number1810
Software Versionv1.0.0

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsAs of now, there are only 2 options for ELD data transfer. 1. The driver can disclose data through an FMCSA's recommended ELD web service(https://eldws.fmcsa.dot.gov) using the public key-private key certificate to the FMCSA's safety official. 2. The driver can transfer the CSV ELD file through the FMSCA's recommended AES-256 encrypted email transfer to the [email protected]
Malfunction NotesPower/ Initialization Malfunction - On power-up Device make established connections with network and in-vehicle hardware and run through start-up procedure to make sure all services are running. If one aspect fails to initialize then this is logged and alerted to the driver and system administrator. Position Recording Malfunction - If Void GPS information is being received excessively then this event is logged and alerted to Driver and System administrator. Communication with Vehicle Malfunction - If vehicle data is not being obtained the driver is alerted along with the system administrator. Communication with Network Malfunction - If there is no network communication available or established, then malfunction is logged and data is stored. The driver is notified. Data Transfer Malfunction - With each message sent a confirmation must be returned that it was received in its entirety with Checksum calculation. At that point, the message can be cleared from the buffer. If data is not able to transfer properly this malfunction is alerted to the driver and system Administrator.
Certifying StatementTesting of the AAT ELD was certified through successful testing and verification of the FMCSA ELD Test Procedures. The AAT HOS solution complies with FMCSA regulations. The AAT ELD solution was installed on various types and sizes of Android phones and tablets. Testing was performed through the use of a CAN-BUS simulator ( J1939) and actual vehicles with AAT AXON hardware. The test procedures were verified through the use of the Hours of Service web application.

Company Information

ManufacturerAir Automotive Tracking Inc.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number18556924756
AddressSuite #1092 - 1820 Avenue M, Brooklyn/NY/11230

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