All-Ways Track

Electronic Logging DeviceALL-WAYS TRACK, LLC. All-Ways Track
Model NumberAWT01
Software Version2.3.3.6

Model Information

Data Transfer Methods-The ELD has a menu option called "Inspection" located on the left side menu -Once in that mode, the driver has the option to select the logs he wants to send to the officer. -Once the dates had been selected, the driver will be able to click the "Send Elogs" button, after the button has been clicked, a pop-up window will apper asking the driver to select the telematics method in which the data will be sent: Web Services or Email. -After the transmission is done, the EDL device awaits for the data to be validated and the driver will be able to receive a successful transmission notification.
Malfunction NotesWe detected that the device would disconnect from the Bluetooth, so we fix it by creating a monitoring process, were the device will constantly monitor the connection and if lost will reconnect automatically. If still doesn't connect the device will alert the driver. This malfunction was detected as a Diagnostic Malfunction Code "O" Standard Coding for Required Compliance Malfunction and Data Diagnostic Event Detection Malfunction/Diagnostic — Code Malfunction Description P—“Power compliance” malfunction E—“Engine synchronization compliance” malfunction T—“Timing compliance” malfunction L—“Positioning compliance” malfunction R—“Data recording compliance” malfunction S—“Data transfer compliance” malfunction O—“Other” ELD detected malfunction Malfunction/Diagnostic Code — Data Diagnostic Event 1—“Power data diagnostic” event 2—“Engine synchronization data diagnostic” event 3—“Missing required data elements data diagnostic” event 4—“Data transfer data diagnostic” event 5—“Unidentified driving records data diagnostic” event 6— “Other” ELD identified diagnostic event
Certifying StatementWe certify that we have done numerous testing using our servers and with live testing to make sure that everything works accordingly with FMCSA rules. That includes testing of public/private key certificates as well as connections between the device and our servers to verify reliability and data integrity. The hardware has been testes as well for any malfunctions.

Company Information

ManufacturerALL-WAYS TRACK, LLC.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number2107761727
Address32255 IH 10 W, Boerne, TX 78006


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