Electronic Logging DeviceDarex Logistics Company ZELD
Model NumberiOS and Geometris
ELD ID NumberAT3103
Software Version2.3.0 and higher

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsZELD is capable of transferring the ELD records via telematics transfer methods: wireless web services and email. For cases where the driver does not have an internet connection, ZELD supports an integrated display solution. In order to let a DOT Officer to visually inspect daily logs, a driver must open the “DOT Inspection” tab from the app’s left menu and tap “Begin Inspection”. To send the Output File to a DOT Officer, a driver must tap "Transfer Data" from the same tab and insert Output File Comment if supplied by a DOT Officer.
Malfunction NotesZELD software self-monitors for all malfunctions as required in section 4.6 of the ELD Mandate. It can detect all malfunctions and diagnostic events, including power, engine synchronization, timing, positioning, data recording, data transfer, required data elements, and unidentified driving.
Certifying StatementZELD certifies that it complies with the technical specifications set forth in the 49 CFR Part 395 for Electronic Logging Devices, Subpart B. ZELD was tested according to the ELD Mandate as well as the ELD Compliance Test document in-house and also on a few fleets on the road and our test engineering team verified that the ZELD meets all the requirements from the ELD rule.

Company Information

ManufacturerDarex Logistics Company
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number7737784326
Address3941 N Pine Grove Ave, Chicago/IL/60613

Devices From Darex Logistics Company

Device ID
Darex Logistics Company ZELD AT3103

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