Electronic Logging DeviceAuto Security & Monitoring Inc ASMebook
Model NumberAGE001
Software Version1.12

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsASM ELD can transfer ELD record data by Email. When an ELD user is ready to require a record, an identical user name and password are needed to log-in by APP, after authorized by ASM control server, ELD user can email driving log record day by day with driver’s info, vehicle ID and motor carrier info etc. in RFC 5322 internet message format. We retain 3-year vehicle ELD record data on ASM data center server, driver need download iPhone ASMBook APP, login with username and password, select transfer data date, click email button in the APP, input Receiver email address and ELD registration ID +”:”+ASMGPS in Subject field, and input some comment in Email, ELD record data file will be attached automatically. ASM ELD can transfer data via ASM Soap encoded Web Service in WSDL1.1 file too. ASM ELD web service reference address is:, there is a method LOGRECORDLIST that will transfer compliant CSV format file data after authorization.
Malfunction NotesPower Compliance Malfunction Engine Status Compliance Malfunction Positioning Compliance Malfunction Timing Compliance Malfunction Data Recording Compliance Malfunction Data Transfer Compliance Malfunction
Certifying StatementAuto Security & Monitoring Inc. certifies based on ELD Compliance Test Procedure: For on-vehicle device, we assign more than 10 users, after 30-day, we compare driving route synthesized from data base with drivers’ records, including location, date time, vehicle speed,engine status etc. info to ensure all geographic data, timing are correct. For monitoring software, it must display necessary info and chart, test all features including read, save, restore, test user will finish both handwriting and electrical log records, after 30 days, we compare paper log records and electrical chart, and ensure all display info are correct..

Company Information

ManufacturerAuto Security & Monitoring Inc
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number626-454-3278
Address9322 Klingerman Street,Suite A, South El Monte, CA 91733

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