Xpert ELD

Electronic Logging DeviceXPERT-IT SOLUTIONS INC. Xpert ELD
Model NumberN775G
ELD ID Number0X2P3R
Software Version2.1

Model Information

Data Transfer MethodsXpert ELD supports the following data transfer mechanisms: - Wireless Web Services - Email (As specified in Option 1 from Appendix B, section 4.9.1 of ‘The Final Rule with Technical Specifications’ posted on the FMCSA website). Here are the step-by-step instructions for a driver to produce and transfer the ELD records to an authorized safety official: 1. Login to Xpert ELD with a valid driver user account 2. Navigate to the driver’s duty status records by selecting the logbook option from the main menu found at the bottom of the screen 3. Select the appropriate date (the output file will include the complete log information for the selected date and seven days prior to the selected date) 4. Press the Email button at the top of the screen 5. Enter the email address of the authorized safety official 6. Include a relevant subject and e-mail message 7. Press the send button 8. Logout Notes: - The ELD attaches the file to the email using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) - The web services data transfer is ready but will be fully function when the Web Service portal at FMCSA is operational
Malfunction NotesThus far, Xpert ELD only supports detection of the mandatory malfunctions found in Table 4 of Appendix B in ‘The Final Rule with Technical Specifications’ posted on the FMCSA website: - Power Compliance Malfunction - Engine Synchronization Compliance Malfunction - Timing Compliance Malfunction - Positioning Compliance Malfunction - Data Recording Compliance Malfunction - Data Transfer Compliance Malfunction
Certifying StatementThe product was tested by consulting the ‘Electronic Logging Devices Test Plan and Procedures’ document posted on the FMCSA website and performing the procedures as outlined. We certify that our android model N775G, used in conjunction with an OBDII (T373B) conforms to the ELD specifications.

Company Information

Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number9056245959
Address780 Savoy Cres, Mississauga


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